Heddon Dowagiac Triple Teazer BuckTail Lure

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Heddon Dowagiac antique fishing lures

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2015 October 24 Antique Fishing & Tackle by Morphy Auctions - Issuu

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Heddon – Toad Tackle

2015 October 24 Antique Fishing & Tackle

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Vintage HEDDON DOWAGIAC Triple Teazer Bucktail Fishing Lure tackle Baitred Silver outdoors Rustic Fisherman Gift - Finland

January 2023 Seller Timed Auction

Heddon Dowagiac Triple Teazer vintage lure buck tail 1929 teaser Series 1000

Heddon American Angler Vintage Fishing Lures for sale

The Heddon Topwater Kit includes 3 of Heddon's Torpedo propeller baits so you're ready for awesome topwater action! These legendary topwater lures create a tremendous splashing disturbance that's great for schooling fish feeding on or near the water's surface. Whichever size you're casting, these lures are versatile enough to be fished fast or slow, with a steady or sporadic retrieve. However, the key is to vary your retrieve until you've found just the right cadence to trigger strikes.

Heddon Triple Threat

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