The 2024 NJ Fishing Regulation Updates Are Coming Soon - LBI NJ Fishing Report

By A Mystery Man Writer

A rainy Monday follows terrific weekend for bass, blowfish; 66th LBI Classic has begun

LBI Surf Fishing Classic

LBI Fishing Report 3/14/24 - LBI NJ Fishing Report

Opening Weekend Fishing Report 3/2/24 - LBI NJ Fishing Report

LBI Fishing Report 11/19/23 - LBI NJ Fishing Report

Researchers Fish for Answers to Striped Bass Migration and Stock Origins - News

Fishermans Headquarters

Jersey Shore Outdoors: LBI Area Fishing Report by Jim Hutchinson Sr.

The Transition: September Surf Session - The Fisherman

NJ/DE Bay Region Fishing Forecast - January 18, 2024 - The Fisherman

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