6th Sense Fishing - Terminal Tackle - Divine Drop Shot Weight

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6th Sense Fishing Divine Drop Shot Weight - Tungsten

The Divine Drop Shot Weight from 6th Sense was designed to help you reel in those hard to catch bass. This Drop Shot Weight features extremely durable line clips making it easy to secure the weight to your line without fear of it coming loose. Lead drop shot weights Extremely durable line clips secure weights to your line In multiple sizes/quantities Order today!.

6th Sense Lead Divine Drop Shot Weights, 1/8 oz.

6th Sense Fishing Divine Drop Shot Weight - Lead (1

Drop Shot Weights - Tackle Warehouse

6th Sense Fishing Divine Drop Shot Weight - Tungsten

6th Sense Whale 4.5 Swimbait (5 Pk) - Bait-WrX

The smallest of the Divine Swimbait series, the 2.7 series have the same design with tighter and faster swimming action. This series is best for when 'matching the hatch' is extremely important. When the bass are feeding on those tiny shad, tie on a 2.7 Divine Swimbait.

6th Sense Divine Swimbait, Pro Blue

6th Sense Fishing - Soft Plastics - Glitch Drop Shot

Buy easy to cleaning 6th Sense Fishing 'Pitch Black' Tungsten

6th Sense Fishing - Terminal Tackle - Weights

Our perfect design 6th Sense Fishing Flow Glider 130 - Ghost Shad

Terminal Tackle – 6th Sense Fishing

Terminal Tackle – 6th Sense Fishing

Featured Bait: 6th Sense Divine Swimbait - Major League Fishing

No tiptoeing around the issues here. The 6th Sense Fishing Axle Swimbait Jighead is no lightweight when it comes to fishing where the fish are. If fearlessly brushing against bass cover with an umbrella rig or single swimbait is the only way to connect with a limit, make this your hook of choice. It's specially crafted for rigging swimbaits inline, Texas-style, so you can hit the tricky spots without hanging up. Great for weedlines, docks, brushpiles, you name it.

6th Sense Axle Swimbait Heads Baby Shad 3/8 oz 4/0

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