The Softer Side of Design

As part of our Designer Series, Spaces Collectives created a charming feminine and floral space

23 April 2023

Giving a home a feminine touch goes beyond chic wall décor and accent pillows. As we learned from Julia Salerno — one half of Toronto-based interior design firm Spaces Collective — there’s a particular subtle element that can really soften up a space. 

Julia and her business partner, Natalie Balen-Cinelli, have joined our team to present four trendy but functional staged suites. Discover them at Seasons Condos in the master-built community Concord Park Place, located in North York, Toronto.

One suite — a three-bed, two-bath space of over 1,000 sq. ft. — received a Feminine & Floral treatment. Here’s an insider’s look.

A Design Process in Bloom

“One of the most subtle ways we added a feminine touch to the space is the use of rounded edges,” Julia says. “You’ll notice in a lot of the furnishing the corners are rounded, a rounded coffee table or side table, as well as the use of repetitions in the round pieces like in the dishware and some of the other accessories.”

Wondering how Julia and Natalie realized their vision? This is their mood board. 

No feminine space is complete without florals and pink hues. Our staged suite features flowery elements throughout and makes a major statement with a striking accent wall. 

The theme is balanced with dark flooring throughout as well as grade-oak cabinets, a grey Carrara marble backsplash with composite quartz countertop, and stylish Miele appliances in the kitchen.

Your Exclusive Look

Julia tours the space as she details how the fem look came together with those rounded edges; floral accents; blush, cream, and white tones; hues of pink; and soft faux florals for texture. 

Want the picture-perfect bed? Julia lets us in on a professional pillow-piling technique.

Luxurious pillows and then even more pillows, decorative ones, that is.

— Julia Salerno

Check Out All of Our Unique Suites

Join us at Seasons for our open house to experience the Feminine & Floral unit — as well as Spaces Collective’s other designs. The visit is an opportunity to simultaneously check out Seasons sister condominium, Saisons. Currently under construction, Saisons will feature the same unit layouts as Seasons. 

If you’re looking to purchase a home, or you need a dose of inspiration to design and decorate your new home, book an appointment for more details.

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