Indulge in Winterlust at H Tasting Lounge This Holiday Season

A Dome Dining Experience at the Iconic Westin Bayshore Hotel in Coal Harbour

Concord Experience

22 November 2023

Concord Experience

22 November 2023

Winterlust Ariel View of Domes

Fiery red leaves, a crisp morning breeze, and festive cheer throughout the city indicate the return of the ultimate luxury dining experience of the season, Winterlust. 

Winterlust redefines the concept of fireside dining by transporting guests into a whole new world of culinary adventures.

The rise in innovating indoor and outdoor living spaces is an ever-increasing demand, one that Concord meets in the spaces we build with extensive patio and balcony spaces. Rather than being treated as separate, creative utilization of the outdoor areas year-round results in extended living areas for you to enjoy.

Welcoming the holiday season, H Tasting Lounge transforms their summer patio into a whimsical scene outdoors with their expansive, one-of-a-kind domes that can seat up to six, featuring intricately designed wooden framework and panoramic glass panelling equipped with heaters, fresh air circulation, and their own private sound systems.

Inspired by such domes found in London, New York, and the Swiss Alps, they deliver a European essence to the seaside of the prestigious Coal Harbour neighbourhood. This year’s theme of gilded glamour brings gold accents and classic beauty for the guests to revel in while delighting in the natural beauty surrounding them at the Westin Bayshore.

Spanning across Canada, the change in seasons provides new opportunities to utilize and explore how we live in all aspects. In Calgary at The Concord residences, and in Toronto at the soon-to-be completed Concord Canada House project, the crystalline summer ponds transform into winter ice-skating rinks, redefining how we embrace the turn of the weather. Beautiful summer trails become heart-racing ski slopes, like how large-scale summer events like the Concord Pacific Dragon Boat Festival and the Celebration of Light fireworks show take a turn and get mirrored with festive winter events like the Surrey Tree Lighting Festival and Burnaby Heritage Christmas. In addition, the wonderful parks along the shores of False Creek like Concord Community Park, George Wainborn Park, David Lam Park, and Coopers’ Park, go from the perfect place to gather for a picnic, to the best spots in town to enjoy a brisk morning stroll with a cozy latte or create snow angels with loved ones.

Anchoring the jewel of Vancouver in the distinguished Coal Harbour neighborhood, H Tasting Lounge, nestled inside the iconic Westin Bayshore Hotel, has been dazzling their patrons for years. Gold accents throughout, an enlightening LASVIT custom chandelier hand-made in Bohemia, refined blue BERMANFALK seating, and wooden panelling create a lavish restaurant experience.

H Tasting Lounge Interior

From the moment you step in, you’re immersed in the classic yet contemporary art deco interiors which have been featured in Gray Magazine and received recognition by Interior Designers Institute of British Columbia (IDIBC) for the Food & Beverage Award of Excellence, Peoples’ Choice Award, and Award of Merit. It’s the level of excellence that isn’t surprising from world-renowned LIV Design Studio, who pairs timelessness and functionality throughout their designs in various Concord projects across the nation and internationally.

Westin Bayshore is no stranger to VIP guests, including the person responsible for the “H” in H Tasting Lounge, Howard Hughes. The aerospace engineer, billionaire, and filmmaker spent almost six months living at the exclusive hotel in 1972. Whether it’s an extravagant gala held in the impeccable Bayshore Grand Ballroom, or a corporate board meeting bringing together those from across the world, the energy from the distinguished guests of the hotel fills the restaurant, creating a lively atmosphere regardless of the day of the week. 

LASVIK Chandelier

The future is green, and consumers are becoming increasingly cognisant of how they can incorporate eco-friendly living within their daily lives. Within the home, this often translates to choosing an electric vehicle that utilizes EV charging or opting for automated smart building systems like those found in Concord buildings. Beyond the home, this mindset is transforming the way they explore and enjoy the cities they live in, including the restaurants they choose to dine at.    

Sustainability is woven throughout the entire menu at H Tasting Lounge, from the floral honey produced by the bee colonies in the garden at the Westin Bayshore, to the on-site urban cultivator filled with microgreens such as sunflower sprouts and peppercress, and their ocean wise seafood choices including Salt Spring Island mussels, fresh oysters, and Dungeness crab. 

Winterlust Crab

Upon entering the dome, guests of Winterlust are greeted by a locally sourced, globally inspired food and drink menu. We had the opportunity to sit down with Chef Steven Rutherford and Head Bartender Taylor Kare, who shared with us their expert recommendations for the ultimate Winterlust experience.

From a glance at the menu, it’s evident that diners are in for a showstopping culinary journey. To start, Steven recommends choosing the house made milk buns, served with the brown honey butter utilizing their own honey, along with the burrata featuring a maple roasted local squash and basil pistou, their harvest squash salad, and the albacore tuna, which comes with a delightful nuoc cham vinaigrette.

For a truly elevated meal, Steven invites diners to explore their various caviar offerings. “We’re proud to extend the value of sustainability to our caviar menu, where we offer certified organic Northern Divine caviar from the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia and sustainably farmed Giaveri Caviar from Italy,” exclaimed Steven. With four different caviar options accompanied by both traditional and outside-the-box pairings of sour cream blini, chives, textures of avocado, and crème fraiche, there’s something for everyone. 

Their thoughtfully curated cocktails are sure to not only please the senses, but also transport you to fond distant memories with the use of innovative techniques and ingredients. “My goal is for each cocktail to tell its own unique story, leaving a lasting impression on the guest,” said Taylor when discussing the process behind the offerings. Through various scents, thought-provoking names, intricate designs, thoughtfully chosen glassware, and distinctive flavours, the cocktail menu at H Tasting Lounge is sure to provide a new and delightful sipping adventure to pair with your meal. Whether it’s the recollection of visiting the movies with the Double Feature cocktail thanks to the inclusion of corn silk syrup and black sesame movie theatre coconut oil, the spa-like nature of the Blessed Love Indigo Potion 2.0 beverage featuring an edible bath bomb, or the nostalgia of a toy store when the Easy Baked drink, including burnt shortbread, arrives to your table, your tastebuds are sure to be invigorated.

Winterlust Group in Dome

Moving to the stars of the show, Steven shared if you’re looking for a next-level main for the table, the certified angus beef tomahawk is a must-order. This premium option arrives on a custom-designed rack, suspended in mid-air, and charred with fire tableside for a truly memorable dish. Alongside, you’ll find a red wine peppercorn jus, black truffle & tallow confit fingerling potatoes, roasted heirloom carrots & Sichuan chili crisp, miso hummus, chives, sautéed gai lan, garlic, caper lemon vinaigrette, and grana Padano. In addition, with the ocean in eyesight of the domes, it would be amiss to not savour the iconic West Coast surf platter, towering high with kombu steamed Dungeness crab, garlic butter prawns, local mussels, manila clams, grilled lemon, drawn butter, truffle aioli, and tartar beurre blanc.


For the finale, the dessert menu is sure to not disappoint. A new addition for this year, and a must-order to complete your dome experience, would be the chocolate dome, created in the dedicated chocolate room. This sweet delight is an edible version of their dome design, featuring a Valrhona Manjari dark chocolate mousse, raspberry, devil’s food cake, pistachio moss, meringue mushrooms, chocolate twigs, and liquid nitrogen berries. For those who want to try it all, the dessert platter provides a myriad of delectable options to enjoy.

If you’re looking to bring together your loved ones for an unforgettable adventure of culinary pleasure and holiday magic, the al fresco dining that is Winterlust is an essential winter experience. Embodying what it means to fully embrace and romanticize all the seasons through cherished moments on H Tasting Lounge’s sophisticated patio, it’s quintessential celebrations like this that establish what indoor and outdoor living is all about.       

Winterlust Couple in Dome