With soaring gas prices and fuel costs, renewable energy has become one of the hottest topics this Earth Day. 

As Canada’s largest community builder, being green has always been part of Concord’s mission. For instance, It has constructed 70 acres of park and public space, with 30 more acres to be added in the near future, improving the living environment for condo dwellers. It is also a North American leader in EV infrastructure for electric vehicles.

Concord does not just build homes, it is also building a sustainable future for your home. That is why more than a decade ago, Concord created Concord Green Energy to power its future communities and the cities they are built-in with wind, hydroelectric, and solar power. To date, Concord’s green energy projects can power more than twice the needs of all its communities.

This picturesque wind farm is located just east of Toronto.

As one of Canada’s leader in green energy, Concord is offering a special Earth Day giveaway, and the prize is a Mercedes e-bike. Read on to find out how to enter.

To give a better understanding of how green energy is created around us, let’s take a look at some of these green energy producing sites.


This solar farm is located northeast of Toronto. There are 44,000 panels, enough to power 1,000 homes.

Concord currently has a $1 billion portfolio in wind, hydroelectric, and solar assets generating power across Canada. 


This picturesque wind farm is located just east of Toronto. Wind energy is one of the fastest growing methods of power generation in the world, and Canada’s geography makes it ideally suited to capitalize on large amounts of wind energy.
Concord’s first ever power project was Red Lily in Saskatchewan. Four more wind farms in Ontario have since been added to its portfolio, while five other wind projects are being constructed in southern Alberta.


Concord also has two Hydro projects in British Columbia, and it is also planning and developing Amisk, which is set to be the largest hydro project in Alberta history.

 Once completed, it can produce enough renewable energy supply for over 350,000 Alberta residences. The project would displace approximately 1.2 million tonnes per year of CO2, which is equivalent to taking roughly 230,000 Alberta vehicles off the road. Click here to learn more.


In celebration of Earth Day, Concord has invited media personality Leslie Yip to embark on a road trip to visit one of its solar farms and wind farms in Ontario. To get an inside look at these facilities and to enter the Earth Day Mercedes e-bike giveaway, please visit http://concordgreenenergy.ca/