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The property’s biophilic design was done in collaboration with award-winning architecture and design firm, The Rockwell Group and project managed by The Athen’s Group which specializes in the development of environmentally conscious upscale hospitality properties.

Hotels have always been a fantastic source of home design inspiration and with us all spending more time at home than ever, being in a stylish and comfortable environment is more of a domestic priority than ever before.

The luxurious 1 Hotel, located at 550 Wellington Street West, not only manages to encapsulate a chic level of comfort, but does so with sustainably at the forefront of its design ethos.

With exclusive properties in Miami’s South Beach, Manhattan’s Central Park, Brooklyn, West Hollywood and Sanya in China and eight other properties currently under development, 1 Hotels are masters in taking beautiful sustainable elements from their surroundings and incorporating them in nature-focused design.

The iconic entrance is framed by boulders and dense vegetation is inspired by and sourced from the Canadian Shield landscape and leads to the stunning lobby and Flora Lounge.

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Refined elements are balanced with a comfortably curated atmosphere in its 112 guest rooms and suites, the Garden Pavilion, 1 Kitchen restaurant and Harriet’s – the city’s newest rooftop destination. Inspired by the creativity and craftsmanship of local artists, builders, chefs, and the surrounding area, the hotel purposefully reuses existing structural and reclaimed materials gathered from the local community, including timber, driftwood, local limestone, and native plants.

This clever use of materials and textures is reflected in the fabrics, with chunky-knit throws, faux fur cushions, suede and velvet providing a beautiful balance to the stronger elements of stone, wood and leather.

The wonderfully extravagant use of plants in a myriad of different pots ties the space together and reinforces the feeling that not only is it a stunning environment – but a relaxing and healthy space to be in.

Light-filled and open, 1 Kitchen is in a glass-walled conservatory-like space with a vaulted wood ceiling and curved trusses hung with greenery. Its commitment to preserving the beauty and bounty of nature generates zero waste by composting all organics and recycling or upcycling everything touched.

Sustainability is also reflected on the menus at 1 Hotel. 1 Kitchen, the hotel’s signature restaurant, prides its direct relationships with local suppliers. The menu is produce-led, peppered with artful pickling, fermenting and smoking. One of the most popular items is the “100km Board”, featuring Ontario Cheeses, cured meats, crostini and house-made jams. As the name suggests, all ingredients are sourced within 100km of the hotel.

The Flora Lounge at the lobby features cold-pressed juices as the base of Canadian cocktails, while the ever-evolving wine list highlights unique and iconic selections, many biodynamic or organic. There is also a rotating local craft beer on tap and Bluestone Lane coffee.

Recreating 1 Hotel’s eco-luxury style at home

1) Plants, plants and more plants

A little green goes a long way, a lot of green goes even further… Whilst it would take an army of talented gardeners to compete with 1 Hotel’s 3000+ plants, adding an abundance of vegetation to our inside spaces has a positive effect of our health and well-being, just make sure to drop your research on the suitable plant types, especially if you have children or pets.

Mix plant sizes and pot materials of rattan, stone and cement in natural colours to recreate the eco-oasis feel.

2) Reclaimed woods and natural stone

Recycled barn wood and rock accents abound, from the entrance inspired by the Canadian shield landscape to the urban tropical forest interior, these elements are found in every space within the hotel.

You can easily introduce weathered wood to your home in the form of wall art, or small furniture like a coffee table or nightstand. Decorative rocks can be purchased at home improvement stores, garden centres and specialty shops. (Note: it is illegal to take rocks and other natural elements from parks and crown land.)

3) Natural-shaped wood furniture

Polished tree-stump stools and root tables do double duty when it comes to interior design: natural wood tones add warmth while the unique shape and form of these pieces visually remind you of nature. Some people even call them “Mother Nature’s sculptures”.

4) Harmonious colour palettes

The use of a limited colour palette creates a sense of harmony. Browns, greys and blacks create an intimate scheme with the abundance of green adding a natural balance and pop of colour.

5) Mix luxurious materials with chunky knits

A beautiful mix of textures is a key part of achieving the look. Woven leather, velvet, rattan, faux-fur and chunky-knit throws provide sumptuous accents to the butterscotch leather seating and reclaimed wood floors and walls.

6) Small is beautiful

You don’t need a big space to turn your home into an oasis. Even just a shelf can be enough: just arrange a few books and some potted ivy or other small plants with natural textures, and you have created a relaxing corner.

7) Look local

Choose local nurseries to to take advantage of their knowledge, greater range and experience in selecting which plants are the best fit for your space.

Similarly, scout locally for design inspirations. Your neighbourhood artist co-op or antique store may have just the right reclaimed materials and upcycled vintage finds for you to complete the look.

8) Sustainability on your plate

And when it comes to food, cooking at home is a great way to reduce your impact on the environment when you make sustainable choices, like choosing local is a wholesale local food distributor in Toronto that connects more than 100 local farmers with urban dwellers and top restaurants, including 1 Kitchen.